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Bidera Auctions is going to be nonoperational as of December 01, 2006.

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The links to Your auction listings will be permanent. That is after each relisting period the address for the auction will stay the same (unlike other Online Auction sites which would generate a new auction with a different address). You will be able to promote a link to any specific auction of yours for the duration of the listing INCLUDING relists.

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Feeding of Auctions
   An RSS Feed allows us to provide Auction Headlines direct to your News Reader (News Aggregator). The Headline has a link to the new auctions through which you can visit our site to bid it as soon as it's posted.

You can choose online auction feeds you want at:
Bidera ™ RSS feeds page.

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Feedback ratings are based on a user's past transactions and help you learn about the seller you're dealing with. (More help)

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Remember you are dealing with an individual, not a store. You'll receive an email from Bidera™ explaining how to contact the seller and after the seller receives your payment, the item is sent to you.

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