The Bidding Process

After a brief description is read, the auctioneer will open the bidding on a vehicle. The auctioneer will call the sale in English and Spanish simultaneously, so pay attention. If no bids are offered, the auctioneer generally will begin to lower the asking price until participants start bidding.

Once the bidding starts, the pace will be quick and you will have to pay close attention to the auctioneer. However, we are trained to work at a slower pace for public auctions. The auctioneer will typically ask for bids in $100 increments. There will be auction house employees (ringmen) on the floor of the auction to assist bidders and the auctioneer. Please make use of them.

If you want to bid, make sure you are visible to the auctioneer and the ringmen. To bid, simply motion your hand towards the auctioneer when a dollar amount is called out. If someone bids against you, motion again. The process will repeat until the auctioneer sees no more bids.

As a bidder, you will need to be aware of the vehicle for sale. If you get confused about the vehicle or the price, ask a ringman or even a fellow auction attendee to make sure you bid on the right vehicle at the dollar amount you think you are bidding.

The auctioneer may need to check with the City Official Representative for confirmation of sale. If this is the case, he will announce it prior to starting the sale of that lot. If the City official Representative does not approve the sale, the vehicle will typically be removed from the sale, or it may be offered at a later time, perhaps at another location.

Upon winning, successful bidders must immediately approach the auction staff to verify their buyer information, and complete their purchases.

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