Bidera Appraisal Services

Private Property Valuation

Our economy is constantly changing,  Bidera provides on-site inventory appraisals that are efficient, thorough and accurately based on our resale market. We are prepared to meet your needs and standards. We have worked with Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Government Agencies and Appointed Officials.

Auto Appraisal

Bidera Auto Appraisals will provide you a written evaluation with information compiled from a wide range of sources. Factors such as mechanical condition, physical condition, maintenance, performance, mileage, previous use, and market factors all have an impact on a vehicle’s real value.

A physical inspection is performed to determine a vehicle’s market value. Our appraisal factors in physical condition, maintenance report, mileage, vehicle history report, limited mechanical condition and nationwide auction reports. Based on that information the appraiser will establish comparable values.

What information should be in a professional appraisal?

The appraisal must contain a full and complete description of the vehicle including the year, make, model, Vehicle Identification Number, odometer reading, standard & optional equipment, condition report, photographs, history and documentation relating to the vehicle. Most commonly used vehicle history report is a Carfax report.


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